The Invitation​​

The Art of Meditation, The Art of Being

True meditation is really our natural being. It is being totally in the moment, aware of everything. We do not realize this because we spend so much time turning away from ourselves by playing with and believing in our thinking. Adhikari's meditation offerings are about learning the art of being. The root of all suffering is believing in our thinking. In meditation we learn to see through our thinking, have transparent eyes so we no longer believe in our thinking.

Since we have spent so much time moving away from ourselves, Adhikari starts helping people return to themselves by learning to shift attention away from our thinking. We do​ this by focusing elsewhere particularly on the breath but sometimes on one's heart or an object until we realize there is no subject "me" and no object "other"...just Emptiness, Totality, Unknowable Source...yet really beyond all words, appearing in infinite forms. Adhikari also teaches meditations involving compassion (metta) or laughter.

Then we learn how to live from "here", just being open and directly experiencing everyone and everything as it truly is, loving ourselves and all unconditionally. .

Adhikari usually offers a Sacha* Meditation Gathering in her home, temple every Saturday 10:30am to noon when she is home in Baltimore. However during this time of the Corona virus she is offering this on Zoom at 10am every Saturday morning. We spend time meditating ( especially using a 4 part breath) to see through all divisive thoughts to who we and everyone and everything truly is. ( Adhikari calls this having transparent eyes!) Sometimes we read from a sacred text to inspire our being meditation. If you would like to join our Zoom meditation, E-mail [email protected] to be in on the email list for the zoom link to this. This Gathering is open to all called by heart. "Sacha" means the incomprehensible, undeniable "Truth" in all....yet really beyond all words. 

A donation is greatly appreciated for when one comes.