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Prayer & Chanting
The Art of ....

The beauty of chanting is it always takes you beyond all concepts, all sense of "me". (Praying does this also.) And everyone can chant! Chanting Mantras is a sacred art. It is deep exaltation of the heart to the Divine Mystery. (Divine means undividable.!) Most of our chanting is in Sanskrit which has a very strong vibration. And we sing devotional songs from around the world. We sing to the Divine Mystery. Both chanting Sanskrit mantras and singing devotional songs lightens the energy and is critical for changing the world at this time.

Adhikari was introduced to chanting by ShantiMayi in 2000. She fell in love with chanting and discovered she could sing. Anyone can sing if they come from their heart!

Most of the chanting Adhikari offers in groups on a regular basis are for awakening of the world, which i​s the mission of the Sacha lineage, or for healing and gratitude or pure joy!

Chanting and singing offerings in Summer of 2021

Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest prayers in the world. It has the vibration of awakening. We gather to chant 108 times, 2nd Sunday and 4th Sunday of every month at 7pm EST. For now we are doing by zoom. If you want to be a part of our Zoom chanting contact Adhikari and she will send you the zoom link. 

Also right now we are gathering from around the world to chant the Gayatri Mantra every Thursday at noon EST......If you want to join this contact Durga at [email protected] for the zoom link.

Go to to hear the Gayatri Mantra and read more about it.

Medicine Buddha Mantra made 12 vows to eliminate suffering on all levels....physical, emotional, and spiritual...the latter being the greatest illness...that of ignoring one's true nature, the Totality of who we and everything is.

We gather to chant this Mantra 81-98 times...We have been doing every 4th Sunday of every month at 7pm for years.. But since the world is in such a critical situation right now we are chanting the Gayatri mantra on the 4th Sunday..

Go to to hear the Medicine Buddha Mantra and learn more about it...

Devotional singing of a variety of songs and chants in Sanskrit, Lakota, Hawaiian and English for awakening, healing, and gratitude. We also dance to some of these songs which is fabulous. We have been doing this for years on the 1st Sunday of the month at Baltimore Yoga Village. But given the corona virus and Baltimore Yoga village now in new hands we are not doing offering at this time. We will let you know when things open up again.