The Invitation​​



ShantiMayi, my Beloved Guru, is my Heart: the Light, Love, and Inspiration of my Life. She is a totally realized Master of the Sacha lineage... meaning she lives no separation and is doubtless about who we all are, have been and always will be. She is forever inspiring me to go deeper into my Heart, into the depths of unthinkability and love. I knew she was my guru when I first met her in 1999 for beside her unconditional love she would not let me hold onto any idea. Since then she continues to open up my heart and mind more than words could ever say. To You I give my life, Total Love, gratitude and devotion.... whatever small way I can help in the awakening of the planet.  ShantiMayi usually comes to Baltimore every 2 years. She was last here in 2019 but given covid19 we do not know if she will come in 2021.

However she now gives *satsangs every Sunday by zoom. So if you are interested in attending go to for more information. *Satsangs or Sacred Circles are spontaneous happenings, inspirational forums where people are encouraged to bring any questions or concerns to have Shantimayi address. To find out more about ShantiMayi go to one of her websites: and

"Our time on Earth is demanding and insisting that "now" we own our spiritual wisdom and live it to the core of our being. It is a time to rise up as elegantly mature spiritual beings. To take hold through absolute acceptance, once and for all, of our incomprehensible Self-Nature, our Universal Spirit which animates all of existence and experience.“ ShantiMayi.


Other Beloveds

Jivanjili, a disciple of ShantiMayi is another Master of this Sacha lineage. Her website is

Sheila Foster who taught me samyama and so much more and brought me to my guru, and is still an ongoing inspiration; I give you so much gratitude. E-mall her at [email protected] Website: